MSDN Silverlight Firestarter Series – Rochester, Waltham, and Beyond

Light Up Your Silverlight Apps for Windows 7 Firestarter

A new MSDN Events series, focusing on Silverlight and Windows 7, is visiting cities in the east including Waltham, MA and Rochester, NY:

imageWindows 7 and Silverlight make for a fantastic platform to build and deploy applications. Together, you have the power to build smart, visually stunning applications that truly light up. Want to learn how to take advantage of your desktop OS using Silverlight? Want to learn some Silverlight programming techniques? Want to dialog about some Silverlight Futures? Join us for a full day of Silverlight with a special emphasis on out-of-the-browser applications

Here’s the lineup:

By the way, there’s a Kinect & XBOX 360 drawing for the series!  Head to the MSDN East page on Facebook for details.

TechNet - Transforming IT with Cloud Computing Firestarter

Also, there’s a TechNet Events series for IT pros, focusing on cloud computing and including a visit to Waltham, MA:

imageWhile cloud computing is emerging as a promising IT service delivery vehicle, to cloud or not to cloud? That is not the question. For IT professionals, it is crucial to recognize the opportunities and play a key role in the transformation from existing infrastructure-focused IT into a service-oriented, user-centric, and IT as a service environment. Are you ready for the challenge to lead and transform your IT organization?

The schedule:

As with the MSDN series, there’s a Kinect & XBOX 360 drawing for this series as well.  The TechNet East page on Facebook has details.