New England SQL Server User Group Special Event - 5/8

Adam Machanic sends word that the New England SQL Server User Group is hosting a special event on May 8th at 6:30 in Waltham. 

Microsoft's Craig Freedman, on the SQL Server team in Redmond, will be visiting to speak on "Understanding Query Processing and Query Plans in SQL Server" :

Have you ever wondered how the SQL Server query processor really works?  Or how to read a query plan?  Or what the real difference is between a nested loops join and hash join or between a stream aggregate and a hash aggregate?  In this talk we will cover how query processing and query execution work in SQL Server.  This talk is based on a review of the life cycle of a SQL query and a discussion on how iterators -- the basic building blocks of a query plan -- work, plus an explanation of how to read query plans.  We will also dig into some of the most important and most common operators, including scans, seeks, joins, and aggregation.

Note that, unlike other meetings, an RSVP will be required.  To get access to RSVP, join the group's mailing list by Tuesday (5/6).