Northeast Roadshow Screencasts and Resources

n_east_roadshow_hiresJim and I completed two Northeast Roadshow tours from March through May, and we’ve recorded screencasts based on the core content. 

Whether you attended and want a refresher, or are hearing about the Roadshow for the first time, let me know if you find these useful and any suggestions you may have!

You can also find these links, includes those from prior Roadshow tours, listed on the Northeast Roadshow portal.

The “Driving Toward a New Horizon” Tour

Session 1 - Windows Azure: What? Why? And a Peek Under the Hood

Session 2 - Data: At Your Service

Session 3 - Visual Studio 2010: That’s a 10-4, Good Buddy

The 2010 Launch Tour

Session 1 - “Fore!” Slicing Into What’s New in Silverlight 4

Session 2 - “Don’t T(h)read on Me” – Snaking Through the New Parallel Programming Options

Session 3 - “Weaving the Next Web” – ASP.NET, Windows Azure, and Beyond

Session 4 - “It’s Your Call” – Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, and XNA

We’re busily hatching new schemes for the Northeast Roadshow this fall, so stay tuned for more.