Northeast Roadshow - Summary and Resources

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We've put the wraps on another great Northeast Roadshow, having visited with hundreds of developers and architects in five cities across the northeast.

See the bottom of the post for the content and resources.  But first...

The Play-By-Play of Our Travels

Burlington, VT

Kicking things off in Burlington, VT (a Roadshow tradition), we again were hosted by the good folks at Vermont Technical College in Williston.  Fueled by boxes of Starbucks coffee, we had a great time and debuted Jim as part of the Roadshow team. 

Bob Harasses Jim with Photography

Afterward, we headed south to Albany, NY (hopping the ferry across Lake Champlain again) to deliver the developer track for that city's "Heroes Happen Here" event.  Serendipitously, we found the Albany Pump Station.  Great food, great beer... we're in love.  (Oh, and the Heroes event was great, too.)

Portland, ME

The next week found us in Westbrook, Maine.  It's great to visit Maine because the modest event size leads to a more interactive day.  Lots of great questions, which we then folded into our content for our next stop in...

Jim Dazzles the Waltham AudienceWaltham, MA

The Big Kahuna of audiences for the Roadshow, the attendance for this visit to Waltham didn't disappoint.

A combined MPR A,B,C was packed for the day as orange stress balls flew wildly in response to asked questions.  Resulting casualties: one (empty) coffee cup and our aspirations to pitch for the Red Sox.

Rochester, NY

We always have a fantastic time visiting Rochester.  The drive (11 hours in two days) is a blast and the audiences are always very enthusiastic.  Bob Wows the Rochester AudienceTop it off with the absolutely top-notch assistance we get from our gracious hosts at RIT (thanks, Cheryl McLean!), and it can't be beat.

Hartford, CT

The finishing touch on the Roadshow was our visit to the Farmington, CT Microsoft office, where we delivered a day of Roadshow-tested and tuned sessions to an engaged audience.

Random Things You Don't Need to Know

  • All three of us recommend the Hefeweizen at the Albany Pump Station.
  • Somewhere in upstate NY, Bob and I tried our hand at creating a hip-hop song.  Luckily for humanity, the effort lasted only 30 seconds.
  • Surprisingly, after hundreds of miles with Bob and me in the car, Jim hasn't changed his mind about joining the team.  Good news!

The Goods - Session Slides and Code

As promised, Bob, Jim, and I have posted our content to our blogs and respective Windows Live SkyDrives:

Here are some helpful resources that I mentioned during my sessions:

LINQ to SQL and Entities



The Next Roadshow

We're planning a return to the road for the fall, potentially early September.  For example, we're considering a change in format - adding "turbo sessions" to the mix so we can introduce extra topics that may not warrant a full hour+ session (which we'll still have of course.)

In the meantime, please do let us know if you have any requests for topics, features, venues, or format changes.  We'd love to hear your feedback!