Presentation Zooming with ZoomIt

After my Heroes Happen Here talk in Boston about web development with Visual Studio 2008, I got a few emails from people asking me how I was able to zoom in to areas of my screen during my demos.

There's a handy and free utility, ZoomIt, originally a SysInternals utility, that's available on TechNet at:

zoomit Put it in your startup folder and you'll always be a keystroke from it's features:

  1. Zooming in - CTRL+1
    • Use the mouse to move the zoom around.
    • Use the up and down arrows to zoom farther in or out.
  2. Drawing - CTRL+2
    • Change colors with "r", "y", "o", "g", b".
    • Add text with "t"
    • Draw shapes with shift, control, and tab keys.
    • Press "w" to enter whiteboard or "k" for blackboard mode.
  3. Countdown Clock - CTRL+3
    • For when you want to say "Let's take a 10 minute break"
    • Advanced options let you play a sound on expiration and set opacity