Resources and Screencasts from the Northeast MSDN Roadshow “Don’t Fear the Coder” Tour

Northeast MSDN RoadshowAs we gear up for the next Northeast Roadshow series (in March), Jim and I have put the wraps on the previous tour by posting the content and recording screencasts based on each session.

The “Don’t Fear the Coder” tour was a blast, and Jim and I visited a whopping seven cities across the northeast in November and December.  Sincere thanks to everyone who was able to attend!

The Sessions…

Northeast Channel 9 Page We’ve recorded screencasts based on each session so people who couldn’t attend (or attendees taking a second look) can still get at the core content.

As always, you can find resources on the Northeast Channel 9 Page and the content and screencasts on the Northeast Roadshow Code Gallery.

Session 1 - Something WCF This Way Comes

Screencast The mysterious figure of Windows Communication Foundation approaches from the swirling mist, but are its intentions good? Rumors abound that it can be complex and not for the faint of heart. We'll take a renewed look at WCF, discovering a practical tale of services, connectivity, integration, and more. Our focus will be on WCF’s current nature, but we'll briefly preview what’s in store for us with .NET 4.0. WCF turns out to be a great ally, so you’ll be glad you stood your ground.

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Session 2 - RIA Window: MVVM, Silverlight, and Expression Blend

Screencast You’ll code your next Silverlight application with grace after you catch this session, which presents the primary motives for using the MVVM pattern. Focusing on the use of Expression Blend, we’ll cast a designer’s lens on Silverlight development enabling you to plot a hitch-free course for your future projects.

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Session 3 - Grasping at Lifelines: Finding Developer Help

Screencast In the fight to slay invading bugs and put fearsome requirements to rest, sometimes you need a helping hand. In this brief lunchtime session, we'll review options for finding assistance – ways to report and view issues you find, help systems, websites, team options, communities, and more. Breathe easy, there’s no need to wander alone in the dark.

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Session 4 - LINQ De-Crypted

Screencast Although it’s part of the foundation of the .NET 3.5 release, many developers have yet to uncover the amazing power buried in LINQ (Language Integrated Query). This session will bring to light important concepts found lurking in the shadows of the technology: the IEnumerable and IQueryable interfaces, extension methods, lambda expressions, and more. With LINQ’s defining components unearthed, you’ll vault to new heights in your development efforts.

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Session 5 - Tales from the Webside: ASP.NET Web Forms, Scripting, and Ajax

Screencast Your journey through web development may at times seem like a montage of foreboding images. There are many paths to consider, but in this session we return to the main roads of essential ASP.NET development. From WebForms and server options, to scripting, AJAX, and other tools, we’ll catch up with the latest developments and take a quick glimpse down the road at what awaits us ahead. Until next time, enjoy trying your new web development options.

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