Roadshow Update

Bob and returned last night from the first two visits on our May Roadshow, covering AJAX, Silverlight, Patterns & Practices, and XML & the Database

Though Bob was sick as a dog, he managed to get through the events like a champ.  As luck would have it (knock on wood) it seems his cold didn't make the leap to me in spite of our many hours in the SUV together.

Hartford Registration Expanded

A note about next week.  If you previously tried to register for the Hartford event (Monday, 5/14) and found it full, we're increased the registration space so please try again.

Burlington, VT

P5080003Our first stop, at the Sheraton in Burlington, VT, was a good time.  Like last time, we had a good group of people who seemed to know everyone else and who put up with our expedited schedule since the room needed to be empty by 3:30 vs. our normal 4:00. 

We'll have the slides posted after we finish the Roadshow next week.  I'm also collecting questions and requests from each stop and will post follow-up entries on this blog after next week.

Rochester, NY

P5100005We again had a great turnout in Rochester at the R.I.T. Inn, with everyone asking plenty of questions (which always makes it more enjoyable for us.)

Probably one of our more "dangerous" shows, the orange stress balls were flying to and fro, a "reward" for great interaction!

The Next Roadshow

We mentioned to our Burlington and Rochester audiences that, though it wasn't finalized, we were looking toward June for the next Roadshow.  However at this point, we're instead planning to move to a quarterly schedule (perhaps adding more stops!) and will let the quiet days of summer go by before returning.  Look for further announcements about schedule and topics on our blogs.

Next Week's Stops

Next week we're finishing the May Roadshow by going to:

See you on the road!