Speaking on F# with Cape Cod .NET on January 13th


Next Tuesday, January 13th, I'll be visiting Plymouth, MA to give a session on F# programming with the Cape Cod .NET User Group

From the group's site:

An Introduction to Microsoft F#
Tuesday, January 13, 6:30-8:30 PM

Speaker: Chris Bowen, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

Plymouth Public Library, Main Branch, Board Room (second floor)
132 South Street, Plymouth, MA

In this session, we’ll take an introductory look at Microsoft's new language, F#, a typed functional programming language for the Microsoft .NET Framework that also features Visual Studio integration. F# can make challenging tasks easier by combining functional programming with imperative and dynamic concepts all with the runtime, libraries, tools, and object model of .NET. We’ll also see how F# can tame the complexity of parallel and asynchronous I/O programming in conjunction with tools such as Parallel Extensions for .NET. Come and see what this new “first class” .NET language (available as a CTP now and to ship as part of Visual Studio 2010) can offer your development projects.

Thanks to Marcia McLean and Khamla Sananikone for their great work with the Cape Cod group!

See you there!