Web North of Boston (WebNOB) Kickoff Meeting 4/8

WebNOB From the "late notice is better than no notice" department, I'd like to pass along word that the new Web North of Boston (WebNOB) group is holding a kickoff event tonight (April 8th) from 6-8 at the Jillian's in Manchester, NH.  (As mentioned by Ian Muir during the kickoff session announcements at Code Camp this weekend.)

From the WebNOB Facebook group listing:

If you design or develop web-based applications, on your own or with a company, and are located between the Charles River and the North Pole, then WebNOB (Web North Of Boston) is for you.

We'll get together to eat and drink, share technical and marketing insights, support local initiatives like BarCamp, and help each other find an audience.

And the kickoff event listing:

If you design, code, market, or fund Web applications, drop by and join the conversation. Our guest will be Tom Daly, CTO of DynDNS, who will discuss the benefits and challenges of growing a lively API-based developer community.

If you can make it, add yourself (soon!) to the event listing.