Activate Microsoft Free $200 Credit - You gateway to Azure cloud

How do I activate the cloud?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in to your microsoft account (if you don’t have one, create here – you can use gmail or your own domain as well)

Step 3: Fill up the form as shown. Make sure you put the correct country. If not you will have problem verifying your bank card. Work phone can be your mobile number. Must put in country code. 65 something, 60 something, 44 something etc.

Step 4: Verify by a phone number. You can either have Microsoft to call or text you. The verification code to phone may take a bit of time. If after 10mins and you still stuck at this step, use another mobile number. Maybe your friend’s? This number is just to receive a code to active the subscription.

Step 5: Verify yourself as a real person with a bank card. Best is to use a credit card, some debit card works too. Your card must be tied to an active bank account. Microsoft WILL NOT charge you anything at the end of the day. However, we do charge 1USD to make sure the card is a legit one. The refund will take place in 1-few days depending on bank. Microsoft will not charge you beyond your trial $200. All services will stop. What happen if you want your services to be up and running? (Enable Pay as you go upon credit depletion).

*Please note if you enable pay as you go from the start, you will be charged until you state you do not want to. Services will continue and will NOT be taken down.


Step 6: Agreement. Click the I agree whenever you are ready.

Step 7: Click Purchase and wait for your account to be provisioned. When it’s done, click on ‘Get Started with your Azure Subscription’ as shown below:-


Step 8: Done! Now you’re at – your candy store where you can provision microsoft cloud services. Check out my article in what you can do 😊 

Final notes:

To confirm the subscription is correctly provisioned, check your Billing. It should say ‘Developer Benefits’ like the screenshot below:-


Welcome to the family 😊 xx