Two years ago, I got to participate in the announcement of C# 4.0 on my blog. At the time, Anders Hejlsberg had just given a talk about C# 4.0 at PDC in Los Angeles. Of course, I was still working on the thing with the rest of the C# team, but we shipped this April and it was great. I’ve had opportunities to interact with many amazing people both inside and outside the company who are now using C# 4.0, and all of these experiences have been positive and educational.

Yesterday, at PDC in Redmond, Anders introduced the world to C# “v.Next,” which has first class language support for asynchronous user code. It’s exciting, and I’m sure it will have a huge impact on developers. I have been somewhat less involved with that part of the team, mostly only acting as an advisor on the compiler implementation. That’s because I have been working on the last bit in Anders’ talk, which he calls “Compiler as a Service.” It’s going quite well and I am very much looking forward to the day when Microsoft can share more about this technology and get it into use. You’re going to love it.

However, when that day comes I will not be here. Today is my last day at Microsoft. I will be pursuing my career in what I can only hope will be pastures as green as this one. The C# team is amazing, the technology is amazing, and this is the best job I’ve ever had. But sometimes you need to try something new.

I have but one regret, and that is that I chose to host my blog on a property that is controlled and maintained by Microsoft. This means the blog ends here. However, I’ll pick it up elsewhere, and I hope you’ll join me. Thanks!