David Hu, WarPong and XNA

One of the amazing stories to come out of X07 Canada is that of David Hu (shown below on the right, beside David Flook), a grade 10 student from Toronto who created a cool XNA game called WarPong. His story has spread throughout the blogosphere including prominent magazines such as Wired, Blog New Channel, and others.


Here are other great links about David and his game:


The really inspiring part of this story is that it shows that there is a really talented pool of young developers like David that are coming out of Canadian high schools, colleges and universities that are going to be part of our marketplace, and our prospects in the future looks really bright! Do you want to help young Canadian students achieve success like David? If you are a parent with kids at school or you are a student, go out to your teachers and tell them about XNA. Visit our DevelopMental Game Camp to download or order a free DVD filled with XNA code, slides and other goodness. And finally, contact us to let us know what you are up to - we'll respond to every email and try to help you to the best of our abilities. Cheers! 

Update: here is a video of David demonstrating his game to one of the X07 participants:

Video: David Hu's WarPong at X07