It's with a touch of sadness that I'm announcing that I'll be leaving the Developer Advisor team here at Microsoft Canada (as foreshadowed in the previous video). This is going to be an exciting opportunity as I'll be moving on to a new role in Redmond, representing and supporting developers worldwide! I'm really excited about the opportunity to raise the exposure of Canadian developers and make a big impact. I’m committed to earning your satisfaction and trust and in this role, I will get the chance to do just that. This now opens up the opportunity for one of *you* out there to come and fill this role. Here is a short "farewell" video: 

So if you’re passionate about technology, enabling others and if you're out there in the community, reaching out to academia, helping students, empowering others, and you want to change perceptions and change peoples lives - then this job may be just for you! You'll get to travel coast to coast, meeting thousands of people, speaking at MSDN and TechNet events, work with a great team and try out secret new technologies before they are released to the public. I have to admit - this has been a dream job! If you are interested, go visit the Microsoft Careers website (http://www.microsoft.com/canada/employment/search.mspx) and search for Job ID J1008-0116 or contact John Oxley (John.Oxley@microsoft.com). As I said in the video - as one door closes, a new window opens...  

A special thanks goes out to John Oxley and my team for their encouragement and support. Another special thanks to all of you in the community, that I've met over the past two years. I'd love to stay in touch - so feel free to add me as a friend on FaceBook or contact me at Jean-Luc.David@microsoft.com (especially if you somehow end up in the Seattle/Redmond area).

If you would like to stay in touch with the rest of the Canadian team, the best place is right here on the Canadian Developer Connection. Christian Beauclair, Qixing Zheng and John Bristowe will continue to help you stay current with the latest technologies, in building your skills and developing your careers. It's been a fun ride - thanks and take care!