Kate Gregory on Channel 9!

Kate Gregory on Channel 9

Kate Gregory (@gregcons) is a developer’s developer. (And, she’s Canadian too!) She’s smart, funny and incredibly talented. So, it’s no surprise to me when she’s featured on Channel 9. Recently, she was interviewed by Charles Torre about C++:


You may remember that last year, she and Richard Campbell hosted a series of events called the Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7 Community Tour. Its purpose was to show you how to build applications that targeted many of the unique capabilities of the Windows platform – in particular, Windows 7. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to cover all of the content we wanted. So, Kate and I decided to follow up the tour with a series of screencasts that we agreed to publish on Channel 9. Earlier this month, we published one of those screencasts, entitled “Windows 7 Taskbar Integration for MFC Applications”:

Yesterday, we went ahead and published another two screencasts on Application Restart and Recovery (ARR). This is a feature that enables your applications to gracefully recover from crashes or system restarts. Also, it’s a feature that’s supported in both native and managed code. Check it out!

Application Restart and Recovery on Windows 7 in Managed Code

Application Restart and Recovery on Windows 7 in Native Code

The good news? We’re not done yet. We still have one more screencast to publish so make sure to stay tuned to Channel 9 for more updates!