LIVE from DevTeach Montreal - Beyond VMs: From Saving Money to Adding Value

logoFor those of you who tuned in to this month’s D³: LIVE & INTERACTIVE, you heard me inviting you to watch a special presentation of the show LIVE from DevTeach Montreal. This coming Monday, December 10, at 6:30pm, Howard Dierking, Program Manager on the Windows Azure Platform and Tools Team at Microsoft HQ, will be delivering the keynote session – Beyond VMs: From Saving Money to Adding Value.

012249Of course everyone wants to save money – right? But how true is this in practice when it comes to cloud computing? And more importantly, if the cloud is little more than a bunch of rented virtual machines hosted by someone else, are you actually saving money? At the end of the day, business exists not to save money, but to make it, and if you’re going to invest in the cloud, you should expect it to help you make money. Put another way, the cloud should be about adding value, not simply reducing costs. Come learn how Windows Azure makes the cloud into something that helps you reach more clients, gain deeper business insights, and yea, even save some money in the process.

This special presentation will be streamed LIVE, which means that you can not only watch the presentation, but also chat with fellow virtual attendees, and post questions for Howard.

If you’re in the Montreal area, you can also join in person (even if you’re not attending the DevTeach conference). You’ll have to register, which is FREE as space is limited. Make sure you do so if you’re looking to attend in person.

You can watch Beyond VMs: From Saving Money to Adding Value  here .