Many Geeks, Many Experts, and a Gu

Where will you not only see many geeks come together to watch experts talk about the latest and greatest technologies, but also experience that which is “the Gu”? Vancouver TechFest 2012!

Join me, Jonathan Rozenblit, Thomas Lewis, Paul Laberge, and 18 other Canadian experts for a day full of awesome sessions on different technologies – Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Windows 8, SQL Server, SharePoint, and others. In addition to the sessions, we’ll be running two different hands-on workshops:

Windows Azure Workshop/Camp with Jef King, Jaime Bueza, and myself designed to give you a hands-on tour of the Windows Azure platform. We’ll start with the basics and go from there, with labs to accompany each of the concepts covered. Each attendee will also be eligible for the Windows Azure Camp Challenge rewards at the completion of this camp.

  • Bring your notebook computers! You’ll need them to do the hands-on activities.
  • Download and install the Windows Azure SDK for .NET from here. You’ll need Visual Studio 2010 Express, Professional, or Ultimate; Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010 1.5 (or higher); Windows Azure SDK 1.5 (or higher); SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio Express (or full) with SP1. If you’re installing using the link above, the installer will install everything that you need. You don’t have to download and install each of the above manually.
  • Activate your Windows Azure account either by signing up for the 90 Day FREE trial or activating your MSDN Windows Azure benefits.

Mobile + Cloud Workshop with Paul Laberge and Jaime Bueza. designed to dive into Windows Phone 7.5. You’ll hear about the various features of the platform and how you can use those to create app experiences that users will keep coming back for. After that, you’ll see how, when you add a Cloud backend to your mobile applications, the world of possibilities is limitless. In the afternoon, take your app ideas and make them real by getting some code done. Paul and Jaime will be there to answer questions and provide guidance.

  • Bring your notebook computers! You’ll need them to do the hands-on activities.
  • Download and install the Windows Phone SDK from here.

As if the day wasn’t already cool enough, Scott “the Gu” Guthrie will be keynoting. If any of you have been to one in the past, you’ll agree with me that it’s an opportunity you don’t wan to miss.

So having said all of the above, there’s only 37 days left until Vancouver TechFest 2012. Register today as prices go up at the end of the month.

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Looking forward to seeing you there,