Microsoft + Mustang = Ultimate Machine

The Discovery channel show Inside West Coast Customs worked with Microsoft to deck out a classic muscle car with all the latest in Microsoft Technology. The final result is pretty awesome!

No it is not April 1st, this is for real and it is cool!

The crew at West Coast Customs worked with developer evangelists at Microsoft and decked out a 2012 Ford Mustang!

Microsoft-mustang-jpg_232523-480x272[1]Step 1 – they retrofitted the Mustang with a 1967 Mustang replica body, painted it black and decked it out with neon blue lights in the grill and around the rims. The result is a car that looks like something from a science fiction show.

Step 2 – Install every cool Microsoft gadget you can think of!

The car is web connected so the driver can just glance over at the display to check the weather forecast or find the nearest Tim Hortons.  Though in this car, you might prefer to be the passenger because the passenger display lets you play games over Xbox Live!

When the car is parked you can flip up the rear windshield and turn it into a projector screen to watch movies or play video games

The rear windshield also has a customizable display so you can flash messages to someone driving behind you.

The dashboard is actually a touch screen running Windows 8 beta. You can swipe to choose the display you want for your odometer, you want classic Mustang, we can do that, you want Metro, we can do that too.

There are Kinect sensors in the front and rear of the car, you can use your windows phone to get a live feed from your car. Is your neighbors dog really digging up the flowers? Now you can find out.

If you are going to Teched North America in Orlando, you can see this beauty in person. Want to learn more, there are stories on Channel 9, There’s a news story below as well.