On a Cloud: Queues

In my first two videos I have presented a couple quick overviews of Queues and a very typical queuing pattern. Both videos tackle queuing from a generic perspective and you can apply these to almost any queuing technology available today.


Basic Overview

I posted a quick video on when and how you use queues. This is a great tutorial with a very simple example of when I typically think about introducing queue technologies to applications. 

The major points covered in this video are:

  • Where a queue sits
  • When to start thinking about adding a queue
  • Queues and latency,  fault tolerance,  scalability


Load Leveling Pattern

The load leveling pattern enables you to use a queue to evenly distribute incoming requests. In this video I go over the basics as well as some thoughts of when this pattern is applicable.

The major points covered in this video are:

  • Web Traffic patterns
  • Over-provisioning
  • Controlling requests

I hope that you enjoyed these videos, there will be more coming on Queues! I have a library on NuGet for working with Azure Storage Queues.

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