On a Cloud: With Pressboard Media

I have had the opportunity over the past several months helping Pressboard Media. Their team has been very welcome to my ideas and contributions I have been able to make. I was lucky to book them in to present at the Vancouver Azure meetup, which I have been running for the past 6 years.

Data and algorithms are turning marketing into a science. Pressboard is a story marketplace that uses data to connect brands with big publishers and influential bloggers around content. In this session Tiam Korki will outline some of the challenges he faced working with data at Pressboard to enable their rapid growth processing a few GB to a few TB of data and how Azure and its stable of data tools enabled his startup to overcome these challenges and grow to $1M+ in revenue in their second year.

Tiam Korki is an architect and product manager with 20 years of experience designing and building large scale enterprise applications using Microsoft technologies. He’s a serial entrepreneur on his third AdTech startup, dealing with some of the most challenging data problems that are facing organizations of all sizes, deriving insights from customer interactions to the fledgling IoT landscape.

Here is the original event.