Visual Studio Time Saver–the layout you want when you want it

Quick tips to make you more efficient in Visual Studio. Today’s tip: moving from a laptop to a desktop? Save your preferred layouts
More and more developers find themselves coding on laptops. Of course, we all prefer a desk with a nice 27 inch monitor (or even better, two or three 27 inch monitors!). For a coder the more screen space the better! With more screen real estate we can have the toolbox, properties, Solution explorer all open along with multiple code editor windows. When we work on a laptop we find ourselves unpinning all the extra windows so we can see more of our code. One of the new features in Visual Studio 2015 makes switching between these two set ups a little faster. You can now save preferred layouts and easily switch back and forth depending on your work station on a given day. Check out the following video to see how


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