What’s new from the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016

Originally Published by: Chris Walden, Editor, Microsoft UK

What’s new from the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016 - Microsoft UK Developers

What’s new from the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016

The Microsoft Edge Web Summit featured a day of exciting talks and announcements, with the engineers in charge of building for Edge and Chakra running the event. You'll hear what's coming next from the engineers who build it, and you'll get an inside look at powerful techniques and new tools to make your life as a developer just a little bit easier.You can check out the full list of sessions from the event here, but we've included some of our favourites below:

A Lap Around @ChakraCore

Earlier this year, we open-sourced ChakraCore, the heart of the JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge and the Windows 10 Universal App Platform. Today we'll walk you through what's new and what's next in ChakraCore, including some upcoming work like Modules, WebAssembly and ES2017 and beyond. We'll also walk you through embedding ChakraCore, our interoperable debugging APIs, and the exciting work happening with NodeChakra.

F12 Edge Developer Tools

In this talk we will look at some of the new features in the Edge developer tools and how they can make your life as a developer easier. We'll be focusing on performance and accessibility with examples of how to fix real world issues using the Edge developer tools.

The Web Should Just Work for Everyone: Microsoft Edge and Inclusive Design

Aaron Gustafson talks about accessibility and the web as a whole, and why you as a web designer should be considering the usability of your websites and applications.

Building Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Extensions have been the top-requested end-user feature of Microsoft Edge since we launched, and we're excited to be previewing extensions in Edge starting with Windows Insider Preview build 14291. In this talk we'll walk through how we're working to build a trustworthy extensions ecosystem, while making it easy for developers to easily write interoperable extensions that enhance the browsing experience.

Like what you see? Be sure to check out the rest of the videos here. If you're looking for something a bit different, why not watch a session from Build?