Is Your Organization Working Social?

Social media in an enterprise setting has always been a "no-no" in terms of utilization.  Concerns over sensitive information becoming leaked or employees wasting time online are the usual responses organizations give when asked about utilizing social in their organization above and beyond the marketing angle. The same was said when e-mail was first introduced and yet now e-mail has become readily accepted and has even surpassed traditional posted mail in some respects.  Working social brings a new outlook on projects and opportunities as it allows discussions around projects and initiatives to flow freely and does not adhere to a  "send and wait for response" timeframe.  Working socially in one's organization can revolutionize the way employees collaborate, but figuring out where to begin can often be the hardest part.
In 2012 Microsoft purchased Yammer, a leading enterprise social network used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide and 85% of the Fortune 500, to provide a new to grow online collaboration securely within organizations. Yammer propels companies into a new kind of workplace, where ideas are shared, information flows freely and every moment is a chance to make an impact. Working socially doesn’t just allow companies to be more responsive, it also enables individuals to find their voices, expand their areas of expertise and transform the way they work.
Find out how Yammer can transform your business.

Microsoft will be hosting 4 free half day events to further knowledge around how your organization can capitalize on working socially. Through presentations‚ hands-on demonstrations‚ and interaction with Enterprise Social Experts‚ this "Working Social" event will allow you a unique opportunity to discover the business value of enterprise social for your organization through a step by step walkthrough of the social journey.  Dates for the upcoming events are as follows:

Also, join us in conversation through our Working Social Yammer group and hear firsthand how Microsoft can help your organization work more collaboratively through social.