AlignIT Manager Tech Talk #8: De-risking Your Windows Deployment

With any big change to your IT infrastructure comes risk, but of course you're hoping that the rewards will out weigh those risks. In fact, you're doing more than just hoping – you're planning, strategizing, and putting your organization in a good position to mitigate those risks.

Deploying a new operating system throughout a company can be disruptive and complex because so much is dependant on that OS – the applications running on top of the OS, the drivers that allow peripherals like printers to work, to name but a few. If all goes well, the operating system should be invisible to the end user but if all doesn't go well...well, we've all been there. It sucks.

A good plan that's well executed can result in an organization having use of technology that can help achieve higher productivity, better collaboration and more opportunities for innovative ideas. This episode of Manager Tech Talk is all about putting together a good plan for Windows deployment success.

On this episode of AlignIT Manager Tech Talk, Ruth, myself, and guest Dave Kawula, Senior Consultant with 1E, talk about the benefits and challenges of deploying Windows 7. We explore what tools are available and what "gotcha's" to watch out for. Plus: Dave shares tales from deployments past.

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Featured Guest: Dave Kawula

Dave Kawula is an MCSE and CNE with over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry. His background includes data communications networks within multi-server LAN/WAN environments. He has experience with project management, network strategic planning, network design and integration. He has led the architecture for NT, SMS/SCCM, Exchange and Internet Gateways, including managing migration paths and issues as well as implementation. He has supported a variety of network infrastructures as well as architecting and defining technical standards.


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