Be on the leading edge with Cloud Computing - volunteers sought for a unique learning environment

I wanted to bring this great opportunity to one or more of your team members who has a background in software development. Also look for my upcoming interview with Doug Terry, who chairs the Cloud Computing Tech Pack - he is the principal scientist at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.

Take a look!


We at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM ), would like to move on to recruiting some practitioner reviewers for the Cloud Computing Tech Pack which will probably be ready for review by the end of April/beginning of May.  

Tech Packs are integrated learning packages on a particular technical area geared especially for Practitioners (software developers, engineers). These packages are put together by a Committee who selects materials and drafts the annotation (on why these resources are important for practitioners). The core materials for the Tech Pack are an annotated bibliography built around resources from the ACM Digital Library (magazines, journals, conference proceedings, etc.), multimedia content - videos, podcasts, webinars, etc., as well as the ACM online book and course collections offered through Books24x7, Safari, and Element K, respectively. In addition, non-ACM materials may be included as well (e.g., free courseware, etc.). A group of practitioners will be asked to review the selections in the Tech Packs based on the following criteria:  

· Do the selected resources in the Tech Pack provide you with knowledge you can use on your job? If not, why not, and which ones?

· Are the resources in the Tech Pack practitioner-oriented? If not, which ones aren't and why not?

· Do the annotations about the resources adequately describe why they are important to practitioners? Is more or revised annotation necessary?

· Do the selected resources give you a good understanding of the topic(s) covered? What level of understanding are these resources geared for - novice, intermediate, master?

· Do these resources provide you with an understanding of the topic(s) not easily found elsewhere?

· Are there any other resources (ACM and non-ACM) - articles, multimedia content (videos, podcasts, online books/courses) - that you would recommend including in this Tech Pack?

Since the concept of Tech Packs is currently evolving, do you have any suggestions for the specific Tech Pack Committee or ACM's Professional Development Committee?

If you are interested in volunteering for this special opportunity, please get in touch with:
David Schneider or Lillian Israel