Check out the Imagine Cup Winners 2014

I have an earlier article leading up to the announcement of winners including interviews with developers, “Participate in the Imagine Cup and Achieve a Private Meeting with Bill Gates.”

We now have our winners for 2014. You will notice that a few members of Team Sano, last year’s winners are back again this year (and there are interviews in the prior link).

Here is the information about the winning teams:

Games Category

  • Team: World Painters
  • Project: Funiverse: educational game that leverages Occular Rift technology
  • School: University of Calgary
  • Mentor: Professor Reda Alhajj
  • Team Members: Alper Aksac, Gabriela Jurca, Omar Addam, Omar Zaarour
  • Video Link :

Innovation Category

World Citizenship Category

  • Team: Marianopolis Brainstorm
  • Project: MARISA (Mass Assaying Relaying Inquiring Survey Apparatus): Kinect technology to help triage and evaluate disaster sites
  • School: Marianopolis College
  • Team Members: Mansib Rahman
  • Mentor: Elly Su
  • Video Link:

Here is the URL for the full announcement: