It's all about Canadian IT Managers!!!

Hi, I'm John Oxley and I manage the Canadian IT Pro Evangelism team.

Over the last year I have heard from many Canadian IT Managers that the only time they talk to Microsoft is when they are purchasing software or have a problem. I have found this especially a challenge with small and medium companies. It is hard to keep in touch with the vast Canadian community especially given our geography. While, many people think that Microsoft has a large presence in Canada, we are only about 600 people.

My goal is to try and be the broad face and communication channel for Canadian IT managers. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of you across this country and everyone seems to face similar challenges. I don't want to try and replace any existing relationships. I want to have a forum where I can answer questions (If I don't have the answer I'll hunt it down), share my thoughts, provide appropriate information, share experiences, get feedback from you, pass on some industry insights and hope to grow some new relationships. This is a new forum and communication vehicle for me and I hope the process will be organic and evolve as we go. I also hope to include guest bloggers both from Microsoft and anyone that has something applicable to say.

You can check out my team at:

Thanks and I really look forward to connecting with you!