Live from Geneva: ITU WSIS +10 High Level Event Outcomes impacting all areas related to ICT

photoI am in Geneva and writing this live at the ITU WSIS+10 High Level event which generated the following outcomes: 


Highlighting from page 117: “Trustworthiness is earned but easily lost; the benefits of professionalism to your economy (IFIP)”

"It may expected to investigate further extension of Professionalism to help building of trustworthy environments of information society.” Chaesub Lee Senior Advisor to the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Republic of Korea.
“I was 90% convinced by what you have said about professionalism and trustworthiness today, but now you have shared your interpretation of the ICT profession I am now 100% convinced.” Boris Engelson, Freelance Journalist, Geneva.

“The common denominator for sustained growth in economic development, GDP, innovation, sustainability and security is a professional workforce supported by internationally accredited industry relevant education, demonstrated skills development, recognized ethical conduct and adherence to proven best practices and standards; an ICT workforce following personal responsibility, public accountability, quality assurance, recognized credentials. This involves the collaboration of business, industry, governments, academia, and professional societies.” Stephen Ibaraki, ICT Fellow, Global Fellow, Distinguished Fellow.

WSIS+10 INTERVIEW: Ms Brenda Aynsley and Mr Leon Strous:





Geneva, 10-13 June 2014

I am pleased to greet all participants at the World Summit on the Information Society +10 High-Level Event, an extended version of the annual WSIS Forum. More than 30 United Nations agencies have joined forces with the global multi-stakeholder community at this gathering, a signal of our strong commitment to a preparatory process that has produced two important outcome documents: the WSIS+10 Statement and the Vision for WSIS beyond 2015.

Information and communication technologies have long been recognized as key enablers for bridging the digital divide and achieving the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic growth, environmental balance and social inclusion. ICTs have proven to be instrumental in the delivery of information and services in health, education, trade, commerce and other fields, and have helped bring about increased transparency and accountability. They will also be at the centre of the solutions we need to tackle the threat of climate change.

Notwithstanding the advances made possible by ICTs, there are still great strides to be made. Sixty percent of the world’s population do not have access to the Internet and the vast online resources of information and knowledge. We must do everything in our power to increase access to ICTs and broadband connectivity across the world, including to reach people in remote areas, land-locked countries, small island developing states and the least developed countries. This will empower millions of people and enable us to meet our development goals in the post-2015 era.

I urge you to forge new partnerships and to strengthen our information society. I congratulate you for your commitment to this work, and I extend my best wishes for a successful gathering.

Mr Ban Ki-moon