My lively chat with legendary icon, pioneer Vint Cerf, internet co-creator on internet challenges, quantum/machine computing, leadership, more

Vint Cerf on ACM, internet issues, singularity, quantum and machine computing, gene modification, leadership, IT credentialing.

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Vint serves on the ACM council and is the immediate past president. The ACM reach is 3.4 million, with 1.5 million users of the digital library and is the largest scientific, education, innovation professional non-profit organization in computing with 200 events and conferences, 78 newsletters/publications, 37 special interest groups such as SIGGRAPH, the top awards in computing science such as the ACM A.M. Turing Award -- the Turing is considered the Nobel Prize of Computing with a 1 Million USD prize. They have a suite of services such as books, videos, courses, webcasts, techpacks, podcasts and more through the ACM Learning Center. As one example are the freely available multimedia products with the top experts worldwide (for April 30th the webcast with Mike Stonebraker which is available on demand post event) and deep dive presentations from their recent Applicative Conference.

In the wide ranging interview, we discuss Vint's:

- notable awards and honours

- ACM growth

- top internet challenges and controversies 

- looming digital dark age

- Kurzweil’s singularity, Singularity University, quantum computing, machine learning, deep learning, mitigating existential threats to humanity, precision genetic medicine

- "decisions I made that turned out to be wrong and I was forcefully corrected.”

- professionalism in computing and credentialing

- one biggest question