Phil Sorgen - New President @ Microsoft Canada

As per my previous post we have a new president at MS Canada.... Phil Sorgen! 

We had a chance to meet Phil on Friday and it was good to see how our Canadian leadership team spoke so highly of him.  Phil comes at a busy time for us as we go through our mid year planning.  The good thing is he is no stranger to many of our leadership team as they have already worked together on many activities.  Phil has had some great accomplishments during his 10 years at Microsoft.  He joined Microsoft in 1996 as an account executive, and was promoted to the position of general manager of the U.S. Gulf Coast district in 2000. He is a member of the U.S. Leadership Team, which drives the company's overall sales, enterprise partnerships and commercial licensing. Some great news for our partners.... He was the guy that pioneered the local Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Partner Program.

Phil definitely comes across as a passionate person and there is no doubt that customers are one of his priorities.  He highlights a clear message on his customer and people focus as well as his commitment to Canada!  As always actions speak loudly and to that point he and his family are already in the works on relocating to Canada.

One question I forgot to ask and I wonder if he's a leaf fan.  If not we can always convert him.

Regards, John