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Illuminating the Black Art of Security - October 19-21, 2015 - Toronto
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Redefining Privacy in the Internet of Things

Should IoT devices tell you how they're messing with your privacy? Or is privacy an illusion anyway? You can't say 'Things' and 'Internet' in the same sentence without someone also tossing in 'privacy' and 'disaster'. Does the Internet of Things represent the biggest privacy violation in the history of tech, or has that horse already bolted? Read more

Why Cybersecurity Awareness is Failing

Cybersecurity awareness campaigns are failing. SecTor explores why they don't always encourage people to change their behaviour, and looks at some ways to craft education campaigns that actually make a difference. Read more

The Gnarly Problem of Bug Disclosure

Approaches to bug disclosure are diverse, and occasionally, they can clash. Should there be a more uniform approach, and how would it cope with a rapidly-evolving technology landscape? Read more

Canada's Slow Creep Towards Data Breach Notification

Canada is edging towards a Federal law for data breach notifications, just as the US does the same. The Federal Privacy Commissioner isn't happy about everything in the associated legislation, though. Read more