Stephen Ibaraki - recipient of the 2005 IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award!

Wow, great things happen while your away.  As you know, I've been offline for the last week and when I came back it was to some great news!  My friend and co-blogger Stephen Ibaraki was announced as the recipient of the "2005 IT Leadership: Lifetime Achievement Award.  Now that is really great news!!

Congratulations Stephen, it nice to see someone that gives so much get recognized. 

The official announcement was formally delivered in Computing Canada (CC)  December 16th, 2005 issue. This is not a lightweight award, the IT Leadership Awards represent the highest of honours for the business technology industry with an estimated size of 500,000 to 800,000 professionals from business, industry, government, media, and education.  As I've written in the past recognition is really important in our industry and very necessary as it helps as a catalyst to keep those that break new barriers excited and energized.   I captured some comment on this award from some past web announcements to give you some background, "The CC awards in association with CIPS were created to recognize the achievements of IT professionals whose ideas and works have made a positive impact on their organizations".  This really has me smiling as I can't wait to see what Stephen has in store!

Thanks CC and CIPS,  I couldn't think of a better person to recognize!

2005 IT Leadership: Lifetime Achievement Award

Stephen... Way to go!!

your friend,