Thank you for connecting in 2005; I’m looking forward to more in 2006

Our holiday break is upon us…time flies so fast doesn’t it.

I want to thank John for his leadership in providing a special forum to connect and collaborate with you. I’m very much enjoying this experience and I look forward to 2006 where we can connect even more.

We started this partnership on November 28th and we are continuing to learn from each other and from you. Through this forum, instant messaging, e-mail, phone calls, we so very much value your comments, and input. Let’s work together to build this even further. That’s my promise to you—to work hard to better meet your needs.

There are some really interesting interviews and events planned for the new year, so please tune in. 

Next week, I’m working on podcasts that you will be hearing in 2006 and I’ll be back blogging then too. Computing Canada will also be highlighting an interview in each of their issues with the full interview here. The focus is to provide a place for you to get important updates and a special forum to collaborate. If you want to chat, send me an IM, e-mail, or call me over the holidays. I always enjoy dialoguing about technology, business, and much more.

I very much wish all of you a happy holiday season and a rewarding 2006! Talk to you again in 2006 or sooner. :-)

Thank you,