What does the future hold for Microsoft?

From their annual report shareholder letter signed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella indicates:
”Looking forward, we have a rich product road map that positions us to thrive in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. For example, we recently launched Delve, an Office 365 cloud-based service that automatically brings relevant documents, data and other artifacts to workers. And we announced our intention to acquire Mojang the, Stockholm-based game developer of the popular “Minecraft” franchise, a game that spans PCs, consoles, tablets and mobile. We also plan to launch Skype Translator this fiscal year, which has the potential to dramatically break down language barriers in our communications. And, perhaps most important, we recently previewed new features and innovations in the next version of Windows, Windows 10.

All of these new services and experiences will be underpinned by significant investments in our cloud strategy — including building more datacenters and increasing capacity in existing regions; expanding our hybrid cloud offerings with new releases of StorSimple, InMage and other products; and launching new cloud capabilities, such as Azure Machine Learning, an offering that has the potential to be game-changing in helping people mine data for predictions.”