Getting Paid on the Marketplace Just Got A Lot Easier!


Ok, I’ll admit it.  As a Canadian app publisher, getting paid on the Windows Phone Marketplace hasn’t exactly been an easy or straightforward process.  Apps that generated revenue via Microsoft’s Ad Centre product were initially restricted to US publishers only, but that restriction was lifted a little while ago.  Those of you who are offering paid apps on the Marketplace still have to submit paper-based US W-8 forms to the Marketplace in order to get access to the funds you earned from users paying for your apps.  That is, until now.

Effective immediately, international developers (including Canadian publishers) can submit your W-8 forms to the Marketplace in digital format by emailing it to the Marketplace team!  There are some specifics that you’ll need to make note of, however, and I’ve listed these notes below:

  • You need to download a copy of the W-8 form (you can get it here and the IRS-provided instructions for filling it out are here)
  • Part 1 Lines 1-4 must be filled in
  • Part 1 Line 1 must match the name entered in the App Hub (for a Company this is the Publisher Name and for an Individual/Student this is the First and Last Name of the Developer)
  • Part 1 Line 2 “Country of incorporation or organization” must either contain “N/A” or match the country listed in Part 1 Line 4
  • Country on the form must match the country listed in the App Hub
  • Part 2 and Part 3 are NOT required.  Microsoft has eliminated the requirement for an ITIN and the developer is no longer subject to the 30%  US TAX withholding
  • You must sign and date the form

Once you have filled out the form’s digital fields (as discussed in the bullet points above), you actually need to print out the form and physically sign and date it yourself.  The IRS unfortunately does not accept digital signatures for this form so Microsoft requires you to scan the form you’ve filled out (with your physical signature and date).  You then email your filled-out form to 

If you have any questions about how to submit your W-8 form to the Marketplace, you can also email

Happy coding, publishing and prospering!