Phone for the holidays!

Guest Post by Atley Hunter, Windows Phone MVP. This post is also found on Atley’s personal blog. This offer is from Atley himself (as opposed to Microsoft) because of the passion he has for the Windows Phone platform!

Do you want to win a free Windows Phone or XBox?  

How would you like someone to help you do it?

I want to be that someone! I have built over 60 Windows Phone apps in the past year (including 3 in one day last weekend) and I want to help you win in the newest Microsoft Canada Windows Phone developer contest (!

The rules are simple:

1) You cannot already have an entry in this contest

2) You must submit your ideas (they will still be yours!!!) to me at:

Best ideas will be placed in a draw to determine who wins

3) You must be an Ontario resident and live no farther east than Kingston, no further west than Hamilton and live no further south than Lake Ontario and no further north than Orillia.

4) You must choose a date for the development to happen between December 27th and December 30th (inclusive) 2011.

I will:

1) Come to your home/office/other meeting place (you can invite other developers if you want for help, or they can build their own apps, I’ll help them too!)

2) Bring everything you will need (other than your computer) to develop Windows Phone apps (Cool Telerik tools, a testing phone, all the toolkits and tools already downloaded and ready to install)

3) I will help you get started on your app idea and help you along the way.

4) If you have a second app idea, I will build that one for you (you keep the source code, it’s your app) while you build yours

You will get your own mini HackFest!!! with two finished apps ready for the marketplace before the end of the holidays!

Email now as I’ll be drawing the winner on December 23rd (This FRIDAY!!!)