Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010: Part 13 of 13 - Look Boss, No Hands


In this post, we’re continuing our One on One with Visual Studio conversation from March 13 with Canadian MVPs Etienne Tremblay and Vincent Grondin, Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010 . If you’ve just joined us, the conversation builds on the previous posts, so check those out (links below) and then join us back here. If you’re re-joining us, welcome back!

Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010

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In this final session of our conversation, Bridging The Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010, Etienne and Vincent go through the full end-to-end process, from running the build, deploying the build, running the automated tests, producing result reports, and creating bugs for issues that were found. As part of the setup to do this, Etienne shows how to configure automated remote deployments and tests. Last but not least, Etienne and Vincent go through ALM reports that can be produced by Team Foundation Server.

With that, Etienne and Vincent, back to you.

For more information on the topics covered in this session, check out the following resources:

This session brings this conversation to an end. Let’s review what was covered in this conversation.

We saw:

  • How easy it is to migrate from VSS to TFS 2010
  • How easy it is to create a simple build with TFS Build 2010
  • The interaction between developers and testers
  • A simple branch and merge strategy
  • New tools for developers and testers
  • A complete lab environment for the whole team

Etienne and Vincent, anything else you’d like to share with Canadian developers?

We hope that you enjoyed the series of videos. Both Vincent and I really enjoyed making them! If you have any questions regarding anything that we discussed, feel free to send an email to Here are some additional links that will help you get started with these topics:

Remember, this conversation is bidirectional. Share your comments and feedback on our Ignite Your Coding LinkedIn discussion. Etienne, Vincent, and I will be monitoring the discussion and will be happy to hear from you.

On behalf of the Canadian solution developers who visit the blog and participate in the conversation, I’d like to thank Etienne and Vincent for being our guides and showing us what’s possible with Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010.