Developer Lunch and Learn Webinar: Windows Azure


I’ve been talking a lot about AzureFest recently as we’re travelling around the country introducing developers to the concepts of Cloud computing, and more specifically, what’s possible with Windows Azure. Many of you have told me that with a schedule defined by the constraints of application build, test cycle, and deployment milestones, taking the time out of your day to come out to an in-person training event is difficult. You also told me that short 1 hour training “sprints” squeezed in during the day are a great way to get your training done while not interfering with your project commitments.

As a result, I’ve designed a 3-part lunch and learn live webinar series where we can get together for three Thursdays and explore how to build solutions for the Cloud. You’ll see how developing and deploying applications to Windows Azure is fast and easy, leveraging the skills you already have (.NET, Java, PHP, or Ruby) and the tools you already know (Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.), all in the comfort of your own chair, at the office, or at home.

We’ll go through an overview of Windows Azure, making sure that you learn everything to you need to know to get up and running with Windows Azure. We’ll cover the Windows Azure platform itself, the Windows Azure SDK, and the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010. We’ll then apply the concepts as we migrate a traditional on-premise ASP.NET MVC application to Windows and SQL Azure.

Unlike other webinars, this is a hands-on event. This means that you will be following along in your own environment and, by the end of the webinar, your application will be running on Windows Azure!

Click here for the webinar details.

I look forward to spending Thursday lunches with you learning about the Cloud!