Want some tips on Release Management?

EventBannerThursday January 19th, 1PM Eastern time is a free webcast discussing the challenges of Release Management and how you can use Visual Studio features to help.

Release Management is a tricky business to get right and it’s crucial to the success of a project. There are so many things that need to come together to ensure a release goes smoothly. Applying a few good best practices and leveraging tools that you may already have can certainly help!

Join Adam Gallant, a Senior Technology Solutions Professional from Microsoft and Claude Remillard the President of InCycle Software as they present The Release Management Challenge and Visual Studio ALM part two of the ALM Webcast series.

Learn how Release Management practices and tools can help reduce the risks and costs of the go-to-market. Application Release is often complex, brittle and error-prone resulting in delays and many frustrations along the way. Thanks to new tools and approaches, the release process can now be successfully automated and managed. Learn how to integrate Visual Studio 2010-based tools and InRelease to implement fully automated Release Paths for your .Net based applications. We will take you through all the step and tools required from developer check-in to production.

  • Overview of a full Release Cycle
  • Best practices in Release Management
  • Source control and branching strategies with TFS Source Control
  • Build and packaging with Team Build
  • Automated deployments with InRelease
  • Manage test creation and execution with Test Manager
  • Automated functional and performance testing with Visual Studio
  • Automated provisioning of virtual test environments with Lab Manager

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