Intern Voice: Wired by Jessica Pellow

I'm wired, literally. That's right. My phone is currently plugged in, working it's little heart out as it attempts to update all that I hold dear. Which is mainly my email and Facebook. Sad, I know. "Wait, wired?" You say? Yes, I share your shock and sadness. You'd think that in the 21st century having to plug my phone in to update my email would be behind me, but no. I could blame my phone, but I've recently discovered that it's not its fault. So who's fault? The blame has to lie somewhere, correct? I'm going to blame my service provider. I'm not going to name names, in order to protect the incredibly guilty party, but said service provider happens to not support my Windows Phone.

I’m just going to let the full force of that statement sink in. Shocking eh? What kind of depraved service provider would do such a thing?One with a heart like the Grinch, "two sizes too small". No data! You think to yourself, that can't be! Everyone provides data. Well, apparently they were perfectly willing to accommodate me should I have a Blackberry or an iPhone but aren't so willing to take the next step and support the Windows Phone.

Where does this leave me? Sitting at my computer as my phone updates. While plugged in, this baby is a whole new world of awesome with cool apps and features that let me roam the internet. Unplugged I feel constrained, caged. Sure, there's lots of features that can be used without the internet or data but I like to roam free, spread my wings.

Speaking of roaming free, I'm sure you're thinking "I thought we were gonna hear about FearFest Jess! What's the deal?".  To you I would say "Hold your horses! Patience is a virtue." But I'll try to make up for  forcing you to wait so long for an update.  Did I go to FearFest? No. Why? Because at 11pm Thursday the world appeared to spin on its ear and instead of Wonderland I ended up in my hometown.

Now in all seriousness what I'm about to say is going to sound like I'm plugging the phone but the truth is that the way that I've organized my phone allowed me to navigate the confusing emails and texts I got that night and assemble them into a vague plan that helped me get home. By sorting my contacts into groups I was able to keep everyone's texts and emails together in one view by coordinating them under a group I named Family. On my old phone, my texts were never sorted and I couldn't even search in them to find what I needed. I had to try to think back chronologically to see when the last text was received. It was like playing Where's Waldo. This way I was able to see which plans were cancelled, who was coming when, and what I wanted to do once I got home plus set up my calendar so I knew where to be and when. Crisis averted.

What's that? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's my Windows Phone.

- Jessica Pellow