Template of the week: Crowd sourcing and location based Windows 8 apps

Windows 8 location appThis template gives you a great start for an app which allows the user to submit location based information.

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Have you ever wished there was an app you could use to tell the city about the potholes that on your daily commute? Or maybe you just want to an app for fellow runners to share notes on where to find public water fountains or good hills for hill training. The concept of crowd sourcing, letting the app users provide the information, is both popular and powerful. If you have a crowd sourcing idea that requires recording the location associated with the information, check out the Win8 Hero template.

This template will give you a great jumpstart for any app that requires a user to submit information about a particular location.

Platform: Windows 8

Programming language: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

The template includes a web based back end written in Node.JS

You can download the Win8 Hero App Client template

You can download the companion NodeJS server for the Windows 8 Hero template

You will also want to look at the Quick Start Guide to the Windows 8 Hero App Template and Server written by Mark Arteaga.

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