Awesome resources for Developers Tools, Languages and Framework track at TechDays

TechDays2011I don’t know for you, but each time I go to a conference, I always want to put my hands into the new technology I just learn. I’m sure that it’s the case for you, so I wanted to give you a one-stop place where you’ll be able to get everything you need to do this with the sessions you saw, or you will see in the Developers Tools, Languages and Framework track at TechDays.

In this blog post, I give you some links to download the tools, install the frameworks, learn the languages… everything you need to know or to download to jump in.


Sessions: DEV334 - HTML5 and CSS3 Techniques You Can Use Today & DEV302 - Application Development with HTML5

Unleash the power of HTML5 with a good browser - Download Internet Explorer 9

Test some of the newest features of HTML5 - Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive

Tutorial on HTML5 - Dive into HTML5

Use the right tools – Download WebMatrix and/or download Visual Studio Express



Sessions: DEV201 - WebMatrix: See What the Matrix Can Do For You!!

Code quickly and more efficiently - Download WebMatrix

Learn how to leverage the Matrix – WebMatrix Tutorials

Keep yourself up to date on the next release – Make Web Not War blog



Sessions: DEV303 - A Lap around Microsoft Silverlight 5 & DEVILL301 - Building a LightSwitch Control Extension

Prepare your PC for creating amazing rich internet experiences – Download Silverlight runtime and tools

Put your hands into the code – Silverlight Samples

Get started with SilverLight – Silverlight homepage



Sessions: DEV271 - LightSwich is Hot! Really Hot!! & DEVILL301 - Building a LightSwitch Control Extension

Download LightSwitch - Try LightSwitch 2011

Learn more on Visual Studio LightSwitch – LightSwitch homepage


Orchard CMS

Sessions: DEV274 - Develop Websites with Orchard CMS

Test Orchard CMS – Download Orchard

What is Orchard – Orchard Project homepage

The easiest way to install all your tools and Open Source software – Microsoft Web Platform Installer


Visual Studio

Sessions: DEV376 - Debugging Hard to Reproduce Production Issues & DEV373 - Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional and the new Team Lab 2010

Try Visual Studio 2010 – Visual Studio Homepage

Use Visual Studio Express for free today - Visual Studio Express

Simplify test planning and manual test execution – Visual Studio Test Professional 2010


There are a lot more resources on the Web, but these are the one that I wanted to share with you. If you have any other resources that you found so awesome, please let me know in comments, and I’ll add them in the list. Enjoy!