Big Book of BSP Wiki

I wanted to point our readers to the new "Big Book of BSP" wiki on Channel-9. The BSP and Drivers folks at Microsoft have been  generating content relevant to BSP development for the community. We want to enable higher-quality BSPs, so we're providing this as a resource for you:


Do you know what a BSP is? Try

Are you a master of the hybrid DEBUG/RETAIL build? Try

Want to see a checklist we use to help deem a device driver "production quality"? Try

Some of the pages are still "Under Construction", but we do plan to fill them in. There's another catch--we're asking that you not directly edit the wiki, but rather send your feedback to bspwiki 'at' microsoft 'dot' com.

We would really appreciate your feedback, whether you're new to CE or a seasoned eMVP. We can't make this a great resouce without you! We've started with a list of topics we think are most relevant, based on historic customer questions. We really need YOU to recommend additional topics. What did you stumble upon when you first learned about BSPs?