New Powertoy Released

Posted by: Dave Edson

Hello Everyone...

The Microsoft Smart Devices Remote Tools Framework Power Toy 1.0 has been released to the web. Let's call it RTFx for short.

It's a framework to make it easier to write remote tools (like Remote Heapwalker, etc). All of the connectivity issues are done for you, and a unified shell is provided. Your code consists of data objects, view objects, and data collectors. RTFx does the rest.

You write the desktop-side components in C#, the device-side components are written in either C++ or C#.

Included with this powertoy is a new version of the Remote System Information, called RTFx SysInfo (attachment is a screen shot). Lots of samples are provided as well.

This blog is where we will support RTFx initially. If traffic grows, we can create a category just for RTFx.

You can download it here:

I am very anxious to hear your feedback on this powertoy.

Dave Edson
RTFx Dev