Persisting PIM data

Posted by: Sue Loh

I'm posting this information because for some reason it falls out of my head like a sieve.  I've had to ask our PIM team about it multiple times and every time I forget again.  (Sigh)

The Personal Information Manager (contacts, calendar, tasks, etc) stores its data in the object store, which is volatile if you're building a device that doesn't persist the object store between boots.  Occasionally people ask me how to route their PIM data to a persistent location, like to get it saved into a database volume on a persistent store.

Well, I just asked our PIM team for the umpteenth time, and the answer is: you can't.  :-(  None of the versions of PIM that we've released up to now (CE 5.0 most recently) have allowed you to store your data anywhere but the object store.  Which in my opinion is baaaad.  But I can't do anything about it besides tell those people my opinion, which I've already done.  They probably have good reasons for not doing that yet, so we can still hope they'll get to it in the future...