and then there were 4! The Australian CRM MVP forces are growing!

Interest & excitement around Microsoft Dynamics CRM is growing – Gartner reports it at a staggering 75% in 2008! Coinciding with this is the ever growing community that supports developers & end users alike.

mvp In Australia, our number of CRM MVP’s has also grown by a similar rate. In the last 18 months, our 1st CRM MVP, the ever amazing Guy Riddle has been joined by 3 other fantastic CRM community members!

In July 2008, George Doubinski a highly talented CRM developer from AlexaCRM joined the ranks. If you have ever looked at the CRM developer Forums, its near impossible to find a question that George hasn't helped to solve.

In October 2008, I found out I had been awarded MVP for CRM. Unfortunately(??), it was just days after I had joined Microsoft as the Dynamics Developer Evangelist so cancels the MVP out – but I figured worth a mention anyway! :)

Our 3rd member of the special CRM MVP team is Ayaz Ahmad who decided to make the move to Australia in August 2009 from NZ, and set up camp in Perth, working with CSG. His blog is one you really must add to your CRM related blog posts as his detailed, graphic descriptions of common queries for CRM (3.0 & 4.0) are always educational & easy to follow.

At the beginning of this month our newest CRM MVP Leon Tribe received his MVP award, taking the number of CRM MVP’s we have in Australia to 4! Leon’s background is in CRM consulting and has been working with CRM since version 1.0. He recently joined Praxa & is actively involved with the Sydney CRM user group and also a regular contributor to the CRM forums.

Each of these guys are amazing, friendly, helpful, with great depth of knowledge in CRM & the related technologies in their areas of specialty. I just thought today I would take a minute to highlight each of them because of the great work they do! They are each great contributors to the success of Dynamics CRM here in Australia!