Business Cards are so 2008…

I moved recently, and when I did I threw out about 5 almost full boxes of unused & out of date & completely useless Business cards.

Then, on Thursday while watching Roger Lawrence try to get Bluetooth working to transfer his contact details to someone, I mentioned how with all of the technology available today – its crazy that there isn't an easier way to just transfer your contact details to someone.

I was originally thinking that something like a QR code would be great if it was able to be quickly scanned & then a contact item added to your phone contacts.

BarCodeWell, amazingly, I woke up Friday morning to hear of a new release by Microsoft of the Microsoft Tag technology. By installing the Tag Reader application on your phone (available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian or Windows Mobile) you can simply use the application to scan an image like the one lovely Ben Haylock kindly made for me here (in response to my general ‘please build me one’ request I made via Twitter on Friday Morning) and you will automatically be prompted to add my Contact details to your phone! Simple! :)

It would be great to see this replace the age old Business card swapping process. Not only do I often forget to take business cards with me places (maybe that's why I have so many full boxes of them lying around), but I am also terrible at ever getting around to entering the details of the business cards I have received into my contact details. I think something like this is a brilliant replacement process & I hope to see more people start to use this soon!

I wonder what I can next suggest to someone & see released the next day?? ;)