CRM 4.0 Performance Improvements

Back in late 2007 I wrote a blog post on a script to enhance CRM 3.0 performance by loading the CRM pages into the cache & hitting the Webservices.

I have been asked recently about a way to do this for CRM 4.0 and the good news is that Michael Höhne from Stunnware has already been good enough to share the Windows Service he has created to do this for CRM 4.0.

Check out his blog post for more details.

And while I hate to put together posts that are just lists of Links – there is also a great post on the CRM Team Blog site that talks about designing your architecture & hardware, optimising SQL indexes to improve overall CRM performance – and as it is related to this same topic, I suggest you also look at that if you are looking to improve your CRM performance.