Dynamics CRM Accelerators Screencast – Events Management

This week the lovely Nina Vines who is the CRM Technical Specialist from our Australian Dynamics team joined me to record the first in our series of webcasts on the new Dynamics CRM accelerators. We decided to do these after receiving so many requests for copies of the unrecorded LiveMeeting session we did on the first 3 accelerators a few weeks ago.

The plan is to do a session on each of the Accelerators as they are released. Each session will include a detailed description of each one, a demonstration on how to install & configure them, as well as a functional demonstration of them one they have been installed.

It was actually a learning experience doing this recording – from setting up & working out how to use Camtasia (which is totally awesome by the way!), to encoding & uploading the video to Silverlight streaming. If I get a chance, I will blog about that separately.

We hope you enjoy! :)