Get Started Building Solutions on Dynamics CRM

I remember back when I was first trying to learn Dynamics CRM, it was really hard to find good resources, examples and training material. Our company wasn’t yet a Microsoft Partner, or a member of Partner Source where a lot of the best CRM content was locked away – and most of what I could find ended up being Marketing material. I never understood why the best resources to help me get up & running were not available to me.

This morning, in my inbox I received an email letting me know about a new release called “Innovate On”. This is the result of some great work by the guys in the U.S. DPE Dynamics team and the U.S. Strategic Dynamics ISV Team and the result is a fantastic cohesive training / enablement offering!

The Curriculum contains a guided list of primarily hyperlinks to various assets that exist already on the internet. These asset links take many forms and consist of items such as:

· Whitepapers

· Video content

· Blog Entries

· Content in the CRM SDK

· Links to useful web sites

The content is listed in a very structured format so that a new developer/company can start at the top of the list with items such as what is Dynamics CRM and then move through architectural sections and on into developing for the platform and finally how to certify your solution and apply to become a partner.

It contains over just over 100 items representing a tightly focused guide or curriculum for learning Dynamics CRM.

So if you are interested in building solutions on Dynamics CRM, and are looking for where to get started – this is the place for you!