It still sux to be a woman working in IT

Catherine Has a Rant!

I know it has been a while since I have posted a podcast on our Geek Girl Blogs Podcast  - but mainly due to time & technical constraints.

iwd_link2 International Women's day is approaching next Friday the 6th of March, and I thought that perhaps sharing some of the challenges I have faced personally might help to start some discussions around what it is still like to work in the IT industry, to start to talk about why Girls are not studying Technology subjects at school and why so many women are not completing Technology based qualifications, preferring to transfer to other disciplines. Then, of the ones that do enter the IT workforce, so many leave once they reach their 30’s and why only a tiny fraction rarely ever make it to Senior Management.

Lets start to share this information so that we can all work towards a solution.

I love working in IT & strongly believe that its a field where as a female I get to tap into both my problem solving, analytical & creative skills. I get constant people interaction. flexible hours – and most of all the satisfaction of knowing that what I am doing can really make a difference to others.

I also believe that diversity in a work environment provides a great balance & format for energetic & successful exchange of ideas for the greater good.

Please feel free to contact me or add your suggestions as comments below so we can all work together to fix this for our nieces, our daughters, and the women of the next generations.

You can listen to the podcast here on The Podcast Network